About Us

About Us

Crazexport as a multi-faceted enterprise continues to grow in a variety of market segments responding to the fast-changing needs of its customers with unrivalled customer service and satisfaction. We are an Import Export and Distribution company whose principal focus is to bring and build new brands in African regions. We are based in Harare, Zimbabwe and maintain a network of Sales & Service Partners throughout the region.  

We have expanded the services to cover the regions and requirements ranging from a common man to enterprise organizations. The Company continues to develop this segment by way of establishing joint ventures, exclusive representation, distribution and business development for products directed at emerging markets.

Green Adventure

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Crazexport – a nationwide network provides customers and businesses with the same “absolute, positive” zeal for service you’ve come to expect. Crazexport was built upon innovation, and it thrives to be an integral part of the culture and business strategy.

We can handle our work independently and promptly because of our experience and expertise in the field. The fact that our customers have long-term business relationship with us demonstrates best that the service provided is good. Crazexport is committed to providing best customer experience. We are passionate about sustainably connecting people and places and improving the quality of life, and building long term customer relations.